Drive’N Roll reduces hands movement by 39% in 1st and 2nd Year residents.

Drive’N Roll reduces Forces applied to tissue during Suturing by 26% in 1st and 2nd Year residents.

Drive’N Roll cuts suturing Time by 30% in 1st and 2nd Year residents.



Our suturing solutions are designed by surgeons for surgeons.

All our developments are created with the Surgeon and Patient safetyin mind, resulting in solutions that shorten suturing time with lower cognitive efforts,
greater needle control and less tissue tearing.

By providing significant efficiency gains in the Operating Room and hospital surgical wards, we subsequently also offer sound Healthcare Provider economics.




We are focused on improving surgical suturing through our Roller-Based Suturing (RBS) platform. Our disruptive RBS Technology makes surgical suturing easier, safer, and faster.

The versatility of the RBS Platform is limitless and deployable across the entire surgical spectrum, from open to minimally invasive surgery including endoluminal surgery.

The RBS platform can easily be adapted to both laparoscopic surgery and end-effectors used in robotic surgery, improving suturing proficiency across many key metrics and significantly reducing overall suturing time.

It is because it is the first suturing platform to cut down steps consistently. Among other benefits, RBS device(s) enable self-righting and self-alignment of the needle without using a grasper.


Laparoscopic Handheld Device (5mm Distal End):.

The Drive'N Roll is the first modular suturing system designed to decrease needle handling time, while offering a much shorter learning curve than other advanced needle drivers.

It offers advanced suturing capabilities with the simplicity of regular needle drivers. The device enhances the users’ proficiency and suturing capabilities without requiring lengthy device-specific training, regardless of Surgeons’ current Laparoscopic suturing skills or experience.

It does so through easier needle handling, cutting down the number of steps needed to perform various suturing tasks, thus reducing overall suturing time and Surgeon stress and fatigue.


Roller-Based Suturing in Robot-Assisted Surgery (RAS):

We do not make surgical robots. We make surgical robots better at suturing.

Our RBS technology, when applied to RAS, adds one additional degree of freedom (8th) in the form of the rolling tips.

With powered opening and closing of the jaws, Drive’N Roll end-effector transforms into a multi-functional tool, needle driver, grasper, and dissector, thus further reducing downtime in tool replacement during the procedure.

Through variable clamping force, Drive’N Roll end-effctor will also minimize tissue damage.


Our proprietary X-Needle addresses various suturing pain-points such as; less required needle manipulation when inserting the needle through the port.

The flexible needle extension enables easier intracorporeal knot tying.

With the tapered end, we minimize tissue trauma when the needle must be backtracked from tissue if the needle was mistakenly driven past the solid portion.

The X-needle allows easier suturing in hard-to-reach locations (e.g., hernia repair).


Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair: Going where no suture has gone before.

By combining the RBS-Platform with the X-Needle, we aim to bring to market the first-ever suture-based Transcatheter suture system, which can be applied to treat high-risk patients suffering from Mitral and Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation (MVR & TVR).

Most patients suffering from Mitral or Tricuspid valve regurgitation have co-morbidities and are not eligible for surgical treatment, resulting in less than 1% of these patients benefiting from surgical care.

A new procedure called TMVR (Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair) treatment is promising but relies on helical anchors to secure the implants, which have proven to disengage and dislodge.

By securing a Segmentally Adjustable Transcatheter Annuloplasty Ring (SATAR™) using sutures as done in the gold-standard open surgery treatment, we aim to treat most of the 176 million global patients’ cohort.


  • Dr. A. Lopez
    "Easy to use device for both right and left- handed surgeons in hard to reach places. Improves operational maneuverability for Urologists. Anticipated fast learning curve to gain proficiency in handling device"
  • Dr. J Salgado
    "More versatile device for pelvic procedures. Suturing of the Urethra & Endometriosis, etc. It could also be adopted to laparoscopic and robot-assisted devices".


Surgeons performing general, bariatric, thoracoscopic, and cardio-vascular surgery, urological, gynecological or veterinary procedures will find our RBS solutions to be a must-have going forward and the future gold standard in laparoscopic & robotic suturing.
ErgoSuture - making an impact in the operating room and beyond by scaling innovation and facilitating improved surgical outcomes.


Our disruptive Roller Based Suturing Platform offers investors a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a future global standard of care application.
We make Surgical Suturing easier, safer and faster regardless of Surgeon’s original proficiency level by cutting down steps in the suturing process, thus reducing the risk for mistakes and mishaps.
All this while safely reducing overall suturing time at a significant clip.
Our devices are applicable to all surgical settings, including Robot-Assisted Surgeries.


By making surgical suturing easier, safer, and faster, we provide significant efficiency gains and sound hospital economics. The device has an approximate 30 minutes learning curve as it is fundamentally similar to a traditional needle driver.
The main difference is that the flat tips have been replaced by rollers enabling surgeons to leverage their training, experience, and muscle memory, and improving their needle handling, resulting in easier, better, and faster suturing.
Our projected cost per procedure for the device(s) is also very competitive. REUSABLE.


Animals are an important part of everyday human lives, whether as livestock or as housemate pets.
Animals deserve the best medical and surgical care too. Ergosuture’s roller-based suturing (RBS) platform applies to animal surgical care to be used by veterinarians.
Contact us to explore how our RBS technology can be an important part of your daily surgical veterinary practice in the very near future.


We are always exploring and evaluating new partnerships with Distributors around the world
Roller Based Suturing
As a global player with local expertise and service teams, we are represented in more and more countries
– and we continue to grow.


Please contact us at: info@ergosuture.com
if you are in North America and interested in a DEMO of the device(s).

If you are located in the EU/UK, Middle East or Africa, please contact marc.schoutens@ergosuture.com

Alternatively, please call us at: 1-866-473-9204 or 339-234-6289

1Are any RBS devices commercially available already and how can I acquire one?

Answer: Ergosuture intends to launch their first RBS Device, the Drive'N Roll 5mm Laparoscopic Needle Driver, in the first part of 2025.

We'd love to DEMO our platform for you at your earliest convenience so please go to the "Request A DEMO/TRIAL" Section of the website and sign up.

2Will the RBS Technology help an average Surgeon become more proficient?

Answer: Yes, by transferring the skillset needed to consistently and safely drive a surgical needle through tissue in an elliptical arc from the device to the Surgeon, the RBS technology improves on a Surgeons accuracy and suturing speed.

By cutting down on the number of steps required in the suturing process, RBS simultaneously reduces the risk for mistakes and tissue-tearing as well.

Also as a teaching tool for residents and future specialized surgeons.

ErgoSuture is a medical device company with innovative suturing solutions for closing various patient tissue layers, using rollers instead of flat tips to drive surgical needles. ErgoSuture was founded by ErgoSurgical Group, a medical device research boutique, which partners with subject matter experts to develop surgical solutions that help improve suturing safety, speed and versatility.

ErgoSuture owns all patents and products related to rotational driver's technology and has full freedom to operate worldwide. Our product lines empower surgeons and other trained caregivers to close up patient's deep-tissue incisions and wounds easier, safer and faster and at a lower cost per procedure.

ErgoSuture is rapidly growing into a global organization with EMEA HQ based out of the Netherlands, R&D based in San Diego, CA and Medical Affairs operating out of France. Through our Roller Based Suturing (RBS) platform, we are improving suturing proficiency across all surgical settings, from Open to Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), including both Laparoscopic and Robot-Assisted Surgeries (RAS).

Our Mission: Driving surgical innovations through the design and development of advanced suturing systems for closing patient skin and deep-tissue openings is OUR MISSION.

Our Vision: Is to offer comprehensive suturing solutions that become universal standards of care and broadens surgical ACCESS worldwide.


Claude Nogard

CEO & Co-Founder

Scott Seligman

CTO - Chief
Technology Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Marc Schoutens

General Manager